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…adore their time with their Lawrence Pet Friends—almost like a vacation for them! We get a kick out of reading the personally written reports of visits left by LPF as well. I have saved them all in a folder! Lawrence Pet Friends has my highest recommendation: out of 5 stars I’d have to rate them a 10! None better.”  —Steve E. and James W. “Brenden & Charlie”

A consistent group of dog walkers comes each week, who know my dogs well.Emma & Peggy 2009 They notice and make notes about behavior changes and health concerns, to the point I have left notes back about a Vet appointment for this hot spot etc. It reassures me that the level of detail and concern they show for the meets my own.                                       Leslie B. “Emma & Peggy”


Buster&Sophie (2)I feel like all of the staff at Lawrence Pet Friends treat and love my dogs just like they would their own.  Its so nice that when I am away my older Lab gets to stay at home and get loved by the Lawrence Pet Friends staff.  They are extremely flexible and I feel like when I leave town, no matter what my dog will be taken care of.  It is also very fun to come home to read their nice notes about what went on during their visit!   When I lost my dog, Sophie, I felt so much love from the LPF staff.  I just knew that they love her almost as much as I do!   Jessica G. “Buster”


We would highly recommend Lawrence Pet Friends to anyone wanting a quality pet sitting service.  Our dogs,Judy & Mo - Charlie & Bella Charlie the Chug and Bella (rat terrier), love all of the pet sitters.   We can always count on LFP for taking care of our “kids” and it is enjoyable reading their “report” card when we return home!    Mo O. & Judy T. “Charlie &Bella”



Mary and Mel B  - BrittainWe have been clients of Lawrence Pet Friends for over three years and are absolutely delighted with their services.  They have responded beautifully to our needs, including some extra care for one of our cats when she was ill.  Our second cat, now an “only,” loves Debra, his regular pet sitter.  We always come home to a happy cat and detailed reports of what happened while we were away.  LPF is the most professional and caring pet service we’ve ever used.                      Mary and Mel B “Brittain”



snickers&buttercupLawrence Pet Friends have truly become part of our family!  Our “girls” Snickers and Buttercup love their visits and snuggles they receive when in their care, and although they can be on the timid side, they warm right up to all of their caregivers.  When we are away from home, we truly can relax and not have one worry about our “girls” and our home.  Lawrence Pet Friends make your pet(s) and home their priority and always go the extra mile to make sure all is as it should be, providing great communication on their part so that we can remain worry free during our absence.  We absolutely would not leave our “girls” with any other care provider and consider ourselves so fortunate to have them “in our family”!   Carol & Wes “Snickers & Butter Cup”

Denise and the staff at Lawrence Pet Friends are like family!  As a single, 30-something who can’t make it home midday for walks and travels frequently, it is impossible to imagine our lives without them. LPF started caring for Maddie more than six years ago, after I first got her. Since then, I’ve found great comfort in their daily notes, knowing that my precious beagle has “someone” to look forward to midday and that she is well-cared for.  I trust them completely — with my dog, my house and everything in between.  They are very Cheryl S - Maddieaccommodating when my work schedule gets a little hairy and unpredictable and they never miss a beat.  As an added bonus, Denise and her staff are respected throughout town — by our vet, our groomer and even the doggie day care.  I’d recommend Denise to anyone looking for a professional caretaker for your four-legged family member and “bestie.”           Cheryl S. “Maddie”

Ron & Su J - Boomer, Mollie & SadieWe have left our dogs (as many as five at a time) in the care of the Lawrence Pet Friends for many years.  In all that time we have never had a single complaint.  The staff treat our pets as if they were their own.  They feed them, give them meds, take them outside and spend time with them.  But their specialty: belly rubs!  In addition, they bring in the newspapers and change lights and drapes so it is not obvious that we are away.  We are so grateful that our dogs have an alternative to being cooped up in a kennel in strange surroundings.  And the prices are unbelievably reasonable.  We could not be happier, nor could our dogs!  We love our Pet Friends!  Su & Ron J. “Boomer, Mollie, & Sadie”

As clients, we have been extremely pleased with Denise and her staff at Lawrence Pet Friends!  We always Karry S - Buddyfeel as though they go above and beyond  when it comes to taking care of our dog and other small pets, as well as our home while we’re away. I never worried about my dog feeling lonely or bored. Lawrence Pet Friends offers great companionship, love, and attention. They are by far the best pet service we have ever used!    Karry S. “Buddy”

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