Dog Walking

We all agree… a tired dog is a good dog!

Are you spending your lunch or dinner break running home to let your dog out?  Do they have more energy than you have time?  Perhaps they just need some exercise to break up your long work day? Let us come walk your dog!

Our Dog Walking service is a minimum of 20 minutes, but we do recommend at least 30 minutes for the high energy pups.   Please note that we cannot walk more than two dogs at one time. 

Potty Out Only

The You’re at the office all day and I can’t hold it that long visit!

If you have a senior dog or not so active dog, and they just need a potty break, let Lawrence Pet Friends come and be their relief! We will let them go out to potty, give them some love and refresh their water. Don’t worry about staying late because we just bought you more time.

Rates are the same as if you schedule regular walks or potty outs.

Puppy Potty Training

Puppies bring so much joy to our lives…but they are a lot of work. Let us help you crate/potty train them while you are at work, plus we can assist you in their basic command training.  The key to success is consistency.

We have helped crate/potty train many puppies over the years, and can give you some helpful suggestions to make a smooth transition as a new doggie mom or dad!  

The rates are the same as dog walking/potty outs although we do recommend 30 minutes for puppies. 


This is our minimum walk.  Most dogs can get their business done in 20 Minutes.


A great energy burning walk or if we need extra time to potty for those special needs pups.


A great option when you would like to TIRE your dog out.