Pet Sitter

Hi, I’m JR and I’ve been a dog sitter and walker since 2017. In 2021, I became a positive reinforcement dog trainer and began volunteering with Midwest rescues and shelters as a foster for dogs rescued from backyard breeders.

I adopted my Boston Terrier from one such rescue in 2022; a sweet and gentle, deaf, senior named Beans. The experience of teaching as well as learning from Beans is rewarding for both of us; she’s truly one of a kind.

Pet care and dog training are my passions. I believe caring for animals is more than a vital service, it’s also an opportunity to practice compassion and empathy and enrich our community by enriching the lives of animals.

I look forward to and take pride in being a pet care provider with Lawrence Pet Friends. You can follow my training page and Beans’ fan page on IG @beansthedeafboston and @trainingdaydogs!